Monday, December 31, 2012

Begin your Resolutions Now!!

Hey Everyone!!  Welcome back after the Holiday break. I hope everyone had a nice, relaxing week off. With year 2013, I want/wish for everyone to begin their resolutions. Remember the feeling you get from taking the first step is far better than the feeling you get from sitting around thinking about it.  So get up and get moving.  Take the first step this year – just one small step forward. You are more likely to keep going and be successful with your resolution if you just BEGIN!

You have everything you need within you to become the best possible version of YOU.
Believe that you CAN.  Believe that you’re capable of pushing harder and farther than you have before.  Believe that you’re young enough, old enough, smart enough and strong enough to achieve your goals.  Don’t let false beliefs stop you from moving beyond yourself.  And certainly don’t get sidetracked by the people around you who are not on track.

Stay on track with us and all of the Team[FIT] Crew. Here is our Dinner menu to help you continue eating healthy at home and never get bored of the dreaded "boring" healthy diets. 
If you haven't been true to your plans of eating at home lately... Start now. It's never to late to get healthy and back on track for your goals.
Monday: Happy New Year's Eve Party at the Hepners'!! I am bringing Roasted Red Pepper Hummus... my fave! You can buy it at Costco ( All Organic-natural flavors)
Tuesday: Spicy Sweet Potato Turkey Chili

Wednesday:  Honey Habanero Chicken and peppered asparagus

Thursday:  Pan seared Spicy Salmon and roasted Brussels Sprouts with Prosciutto

Friday: Pesto Chicken and broccoli

Shopping list: our amounts feed 2-3 people

2 lbs Chicken
3 6 oz Salmon
3 oz Prosciutto

1 Sweet potato
1 Red pepper
2 Jalapenos
2 Habeneros
1 Green Pepper
1 bundle Asparagus
1 Red Onion
2 Broccoli crowns
1 small bag Brussels Sprouts

1 small container of plain greek yogurt
1 can of Chili Beans
Chili paste
Feta Cheese (if desired- for chili)
Avocado (if desired- for chili)

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Brown Sugar and Salmon Marinade with Prosciutto wrapped Asparagus

I wanted to share a recipe I made over the weekend for dinner that was a serious hit.  I would much rather eat this dinner every night than go out to eat. It was so delicious and packed full of 33 grams of protein, only 5 carbs, and 17 grams of fat per serving!! I'd say that's a successful dinner at home.

Serving size was 4 oz of salmon and 5 asparagus spears with 3 thin pieces of prosciutto

Brown Sugar and Soy Sauce Salmon Marinade

Serves up to 6 (recommended serving size: 4 oz)

1 1/2 pounds salmon fillets


1. Season salmon fillets with lemon pepper, garlic powder, and salt.

2. In a small bowl, stir together soy sauce, brown sugar, water, and vegetable oil until sugar is dissolved.

3. Place fish in a large resealable plastic bag with the soy sauce mixture, seal, and turn to coat.

4. Refrigerate for at least 2 hours.

5. Preheat grill for medium heat. Lightly oil grill grate. Place salmon on the preheated grill, and discard marinade. Cook salmon for 6 to 8 minutes per side, or until the fish flakes easily with a fork.

Prosciutto Wrapped Asparagus

Serves 4

About 24 Medium asparagus spears, snapped
8 sheet very thinly sliced prosciutto, cut in thirds lengthwise
1 large garlic clove
1/3 cup balsamic vinegar
2 tablespoons Dijon mustard
1/4 teaspoon each Kosher salt and black pepper
1/2 cup extra-virgin olive oil, plus extra for drizzling


1. Make vinaigrette by whisking garlic, vinegar, mustard, and salt and pepper in a 2-cup Pyrex measuring  cup. Slowly whisk in oil until you reach the 1-cup mark.

2. Drizzle asparagus with olive oil and sprinkle with salt and pepper.

3. Working one spear at a time, roll each one in a piece of prosciutto.

4. Grill over direct heat on a charcoal or gas grill turning them only once until prosciutto is crisp and the asparagus are crisp-tender, 5 to 6 minutes. Arrange spears on each plate and drizzle with balsamic vinegar or vinaigrette. Serve immediately.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Team[FIT] Dinners this Week

I hope you all are giving your dinners at home with your family and friends some healthy attention. With this month coming to an end and the Holiday Festivities approaching, most people tend to slack in this department.

Pretty please keep your routine of eating at home and paying attention to healthy servings of protein and vegetables.

 Don't lose focus of your goals just because this month can be distracting. Don't let those distractions become an excuse to pull you off track.  Remember;  Make Plans, Focus, and Work Hard!  That is the true recipe for success.

Here are some fabulous ideas for you this week in case you are stuck! These are all super easy and delicious!

Monday:  Chicken and Vegetable Calzones
Tuesday: Black Bean and Sweet Potato Turkey Chili
Wednesday: Grilled Salmon and Roasted Brussels Sprouts with pancetta
Thursday: Caribbean Jerk Mahi with mixed veggies over spaghetti squash

Have a Fabulous Week and I better see you at Workouts!!!

Power Butter

Jeff had another one of his light bulb moments in this kitchen this weekend. He was so proud of himself... running in the next room to tell me he has come up with a geennius idea!! 

After spotting the secret stash of Nutella in the pantry (yes... there is Nutella in our pantry. But I PROMISE, I have only opened it once to dip in pretzels  :). And it has stayed out of my hands ever since... lord knows how much the boys have partaked in the jar of Nutella!).... Anyways so he saw the Nutella and there went the light bulb. So there was born on Saturday December 8th at 4:30 pm.... Protein Power Butter.


5 tablespoons of Peanut Butter or Almond butter
1 heaping scoops of Chocolate whey protein
1/2 tablespoon of Golden Flax Seed

1. In a large bowl, pour in your softened peanut butter or almond butter. We used almond butter because it tends to be runnier and easier to mix without having to heat it up.

2. Pour in your whey protein and Flax Seed and mix thoroughly.

3. Place in a resealable container and save in the refrigerator for all week long.

This should make enough for your household all week for toast, bananas, oatmeal, etc. Its even good for a snack to dip in pretzels.

Today I made some homemade Protein Banana Bread that Jeff just had to try it with... Yummmmm!!!

Check out the excitement in his face.... Priceless!

Friday, November 23, 2012

Turkey Day Menu!!

Happy Thanksgiving Week Everyone! This year has flown by... we must have been having tons of fun because I CAN'T believe we are at the end of November already.

I thought I would share with everyone what we have on the menu this year.

Mama Vuk is taking care of the Turkey. I still can't get myself to dive in on that challenge just yet. So I am in charge of the sides and dessert!

As our appetizer, sides, and desserts, we are changing it up a bit. Growing up I always had the green bean casserole, buttery mashed potatoes, stuffing, and an overdload of carbs in every way. No wonder I was miserable and couldnt move off the couch on Thanksgiving. I eat differently than I did when I was younger. I didnt quite have the knowledge and experience as I do now. So here is what our Thanksgiving menu looks like this year...

Appetizer : Avocado Hummus with a Veggie plate made just for Turkey Day

I borrowed this recipe from a fellow healthy cooker (The Lovely Cupboard).


2 garlic cloves
1 (15-ounce) can of garbanzo beans
1 lemon, zest and juice
2 tablespoon tahini
2 avocados
Olive Oil

1. Place garlic cloves, garbanzo beans, lemon zest and juice from the lemon and tahini in a food processor. Blend until smooth. Salt to taste.

2. Add two avocados and blend just until smooth. Salt to taste once more. Transfer to a bowl, pour a couple tablespoons of olive oil on top, and sprinkle a few dashes of paprika.

Instead of using pita chips or bread like most assume to do.... use some healthy vegetables!! I am making this festive little platter to go with it.

My choice of side:  Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Pancetta and Balsamic Vinegar

Ingredients: (serves 6)
½ pound pancetta (one thick slice), diced
1½ pounds Brussels sprouts, stems removed, halved
Olive oil
1/2 to 1 cup balsamic vinegar


1. Preheat the oven to 400ºF.

2. In a large bowl, drizzle the halved Brussels sprouts with 2 tablespoons olive oil, tossing to coat.

3. Pour them onto a sheet pan and season them with salt and freshly cracked black pepper.

4. Roast the Brussels sprouts for 40 minutes.

5. While they're roasting, sauté the diced pancetta in a large non-stick pan, cooking until golden brown. Set Aside

6. Simmer 1 cup of balsamic vinegar in a small sauce pan over medium-high heat until it reduces by half, about 10 minutes. It should be thick and syrupy. Set aside.

7. Remove the roasted Brussels sprouts from the oven and pour the sauteed pancetta (plus any drippings) directly atop the Brussels sprouts, tossing to combine.

8. Transfer the mix to a serving platter and drizzle with the balsamic syrup

Dessert.... Yes... We eat dessert sometimes!!!
  I decided to make Protein Pumpkin Bread with Candied Pecans.... Holy Moly! It sounds good but this is my first attempt at making it so if the report is good from all of my taste testers... I will share the recipe with everyone!!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!! Enjoy the time with family and friends!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Mmm mmm... Menu planning!

Holy moly.... now I know why I live in Arizona.  Hopefully you didn't spend your weekend indoors this weekend because you would have missed out on some pretty amazing weather!

We went hiking, went to the Chandler "Rock the Block" block party and enjoyed some football. Could NOT get much better than that. All while enjoying the best company I could ask for. Winning!!

Thursday:  Loaded Potatoes... Again!

All of our recipes for this week are posted with the ingredients needed.  So have fun and I hope you try all of them. They are my favorite quick and easy recipes for dinner!  Let me know what you think....

I hope you all had an amazing weekend!

Loaded Baked Sweet Potato

I haven't met anyone who didn't like a loaded baked potato!  Especially in my family... they LOVE them some potatoes. However, they never took this route with it. Here's a healthy alternative to getting that satisfaction....

Med to large Sweet potato
Red Onion
pepper jack cheese
olive oil
pepper to taste
Cooked Grass Fed ground beef


Step One: Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Prep your potatoes; grab a medium sized cookie sheet and stab your sweet potato 4 to 5 times about an inch deep. Spray lightly with olive oil and salt and pepper to taste.  Leave it unwrapped for a crispier outer shell for the skin, wrap it in foil for soft outer shell skin. Bake for about 50 minutes to an hour (depending on how large the potato).

Step Two:  When potato is done, cut in half but not all the way down. Just about half way and spoon out some of the potato to make room for you fillings.

Step Three:  Add your fillings:  1/4 cup ground beef, small handful of broccoli, and desired amount onion and fresh jalapeno.  Finally top with small amount of pepper jack cheese. I only had sliced cheese so I just cut it into small pieces.  Place back in the oven for about 3- 5 minutes and Done!!

Top with Tapatio hot sauce if you want it spicy.... ENJOY!

Garlic Chicken Calzone

So, I was looking to try something new.  Yes, Calzones are new to me. Can you believe I have never tried one before?  What better way to try one than to make one yourself and have it be healthier than dining out??  I wanted to make one that wasn't as thick as most calzones I see and NO marinara sauce (that stuff doesn't agree with me), plus with some wholesome all natural dough from Sprouts... it was super easy!

My recommended serving size: half of one!  A whole one is too many calories for a meal and too much in general. I'd be miserable if I ate the whole thing!
Prep time: 15 mins
Bake time: 15- 20 mins
Feeds: 2 - 4


Olive oil
3/4 lb cooked grilled chicken
1 bag of Sprouts Pizza Crust Dough
2 cups of fresh baby spinach
1 jalapeno
1 1/2 cup chopped red onion
Shredded cheese of your choice- we used pepper jack (because that's what my fridge offered). I recommend Mozzarella!
Minced garlic
Small amount of Parmesan cheese for topping


Step One: Preheat your oven to 400 degrees. Cut the dough in half and roll out 2 large thin circles using a light amount of olive oil and a rolling pin.

Step two:  Heat a medium sized nonstick pan to cook the spinach. Meanwhile, Spray (lightly) each one with olive oil and add about 1/4 tsp minced garlic spreading around the entire piece of dough.

Step Three:  Throw in 1 cup of spinach on the heated pan, it will only need to cook for a couple of minutes. When it is wilted, remove from the pan add it to the first calzone. Place this on one side of the calzone only.  Add the cooked chopped chicken (about half a cup) and your desired amount of onion and jalapeno.

Step Four:  Repeat step three for your second calzone.

Step Five: Fold over the other half of the dough and pinch the two sides together so it will not open when baking.

Step Six:  Place both your calzones on a nonstick cookie sheet. Spray lightly with olive oil. Bake for about 15- 20 minutes.  When the tops and side turn golden brown, it should be done.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Here's what's in-store for this week

Hey y'all! Well, it has been a great weekend that went by waaay too fast. We had a blast enjoying the company of some of our most dedicated members. Thank you Kelly and Bryan for not only being great Team[FIT] members but also such welcoming hosts and awesome Party Thowers!  Oh and thanks for our winnings ;) We enjoyed that as well!

So this week we are trying a couple new recipes and reusing some oldies but goodies. Here's what's in-store for this week....

Monday:  Garlic Cheesy Chicken Calzone
Tuesday: Crock Pot Spicy Beef Chili (click here for turkey version of the recipe)
Wednesday: Loaded Sweet Potatoes
Thursday: Grilled Bruschetta Chicken and Mustard crusted Brussels sprouts
Friday:  Asian Chicken Lettuce Wraps

Grocery List: **For a household of 3

  Feta Cheese
  Shredded Mozzarella Cheese

Meat & Fish
  3 lbs boneless, skinless Chicken breast
  2 lb Organic Grass fed Ground Beef   

Fruits & Vegetables  
  1 Green bell pepper
  1 Red Pepper
  4 Jalapeños
  3 Red Onions
  2 Roma Tomato
  4 Sweet Potato
  1 Avocado 
  1 bundle brussels sprouts
  1 carrot
  Romain Lettuce wraps
  Fresh basil
  1 broccoli crown

  1 15 oz. can Black or Chili Beans
  Hoison Sauce
  Soy Sauce
  Dijon or Honey Mustard
  Sprouts- 2 Frozen dough bags
  Chili Paste
  Rice Vinegar
  canned water chestnuts
  Red wine vinegar dressings
  Bread crumbs

***Note: For spices, sauces, etc. that is not on the above list, you may need to add for your shopping:
 salt, pepper, olive oil, sriracha or tapatio, garlic powder, minced garlic, cayenne pepper, chili powder.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Spicy Asian BBQ Stir Fry

So... you were all probably wondering where this recipe was at, huh?  Welllll.... Jeffrey jumped the gun on this one. He was so darn excited about the meal that he had to share it before I got the chance to write up the recipe for you. Sheesh.... do ya see what I put up with??  HAHA.  Just jokin... I'm the luckiest person in the world!!

So he liked it so much that it's on the menu again this week. You guys should definitely try this one.  I think grilling the chicken made a huge difference in the meal rather than sauteing it like we usually did. So... here it is, buckle your seat belts!!

This was Jeff's plate.... the "Man Serving"

Ingredients:  (We had 1 meal leftover!!)

2 chicken breasts
1 zucchini chopped
1 cup chopped broccoli
1 cup chopped asparagus
1/2 cup chopped red onion
1 chopped red pepper
1/2 cup steamed brown rice (optional)
3 tablespoons Asian BBQ Sauce
2 tablespoons Siracha
1 tablespoon minced garlic
olive oil for cooking
Mixed Vegetable seasoning for sauteing


Step One: In a large zip lock baggy (or mixing bowl), mix together half of the Asian BBQ sauce and siracha, then add the chicken.  Make sure the chicken is covered completely and let sit in the fridge for at least an hour. 

Step Two:  Turn on your grill on high and let it heat up for a few minutes.  Spray your grill with olive oil before placing the chicken on the grill to prevent it from sticking. Depending on the thickness of your chicken, it should take about 8 - 10 minutes each side.

Step Three: While your chicken is cooking on the grill, heat a large non stick pan with olive oil and minced garlic. Add your greens (broccoli, zucchini & asparagus) and red pepper. Lightly sprinkle seasoning of your choice to the veggies, I always use Vegetable Supreme seasoning. Saute for 3- 4 minutes then add the red onion and saute for a few more minutes until your veggies are bright green and onions have softened.

Step Four:  Mix the remaining Asian BBQ and Siracha (1 tablespoon of siracha and 1 1/2 tablespoon Asian BBQ) in a small mixing bowl.

Step Five:   When your chicken is done on the grill, cut it into bite size pieces and add the chicken to the remaining spicy BBQ mixture. Toss thoroughly until chicken is covered lightly.

Serve your chicken over top of a cup full of sauteed veggies.  If you must... add a small amount of steamed brown rice.  However, DO NOT over due the rice... that should not be the biggest serving on your plate.   There should be more greens!  I hope you enjoy this as much as we did.

This was my plate or bowl... the "Female Serving" :)  I opted out of the rice.

Honey Rosemary Chicken

I never get tired of finding new ways to cook with fresh herbs. Food just tastes way better when there are fresh herbs involved.  The combination of honey rosemary, and chicken is delightful. I hope you enjoy this one.

Honey Rosemary Chicken
2 chicken breasts 
1/4 cup of honey
1/4 cup olive oil
1 tablespoon mustard
1 tablespoon minced garlic
2 tablespoons dried rosemary
1 tablespoons lemon juice
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/4 teaspoon pepper


Step One:  Preheat oven to 400F. Spray a baking dish large enough for the chicken breasts with olive oil.

Step Two: Combine the honey, olive oil, mustard, rosemary, and garlic in a small bowl.

Step Three: Place the chicken breasts in the baking pan. Pour the mixture on top of the chicken and sprinkle the chicken with salt and pepper. Bake until the chicken is browned and cooked through, should be about 20 to 25 minutes depending on the thickness of your chicken breasts.

When chicken is done, it should have a nice golden, browned color from the honey mixture.

Tip: As your side throw in some steamed veggies. When I am in a hurry, I mix broccoli and asparagus together in a bowl and spray lightly with olive. Sprinkle lightly with salt and pepper and microwave for about 3- 5 minutes. Easy, quick and healthy!!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Chipotle Mahi Tacos

Hey guys... Ya,  I'm still here!!  I have a new recipe to share with you that was a big hit with the fam.  I made this new taco sauce to have with our fish tacos that created some new found love and spiced 'em up a bit.  I have no idea why or how I decided to put these ingredients together but it works and its healthy!!

 I'm tellin' you...its this secret easy sauce that will make this dish.   Give it a go....

 I forgot to buy the smaller ones, this one is more like between and taco and burrito size! I will call it a Turrito  :)
Still just as good... SERVING SIZE= 1 (one, uno, not 2, not 3....) 
Notice... there's no rice or chips on the plate. Hmmmmm!


I showed you how to cook the fish the easy way here. Or you can also cook it on the grill, which takes about 6 minutes... so easy... and if you're in a hurry like I was, its perfect. Just be careful because it sticks. Spray the grill with olive oil before cooking and you should be fine.

The Secret Sauce:

1/4 cup fat-free plain greek yogurt
1 or 2 chipotle peppers from a can of chipotles in adobo
1 tablespoons adobo sauce from a can of chipotles in adobo
1/2 teaspoon lime juice

1. Mix the greek yogurt and adobo sauce in a small bowl.
2. Dice the chipotle peppers very finely and mix them in with the yogurt and adobo sauce.
3. Lastly, add the lime juice and stir. Set in the fridge until the tacos are ready to prepare.

When making your taco, this should be a thin layer on your tortilla or taco shell, and then add your fish and fixin's to the taco.  It adds a nice flavor with a kick.  AND its all healthy!

Fixins of your choice: It doesn't need cheese.... promise!

cabbage or spinach

Let me know what you think of this one!!!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Menu Planning

I feel like I have been neglecting my menu sharing but I promise I have been planning menus. Its just been a whole lot of repeating through what we have already shared :)  So this week I have a few new ones for you! We hope you like them!

Monday:  Chipotle Mahi Tacos
Tuesday: Honey Rosemary Chicken
Wednesday: Spicy Sweet Potato and Beef Chili
Thursday: Korean BBQ Chicken Stir Fry

Shopping List:

  Feta Cheese

Meat & Fish
  2 lbs boneless, skinless Chicken breast
  1 lb Organic Grass fed Ground Beef   
  12 oz Mahi Mahi

Fruits & Vegetables  
  1 Green bell pepper
  1 Red Pepper
  3 Jalapeños
  2 Red Onions
  1 Roma Tomato
  1 Sweet Potato
  2 Avocados 

  1 15 oz. can Black or Chili Beans
  Fresh Rosemary  
  Hoison Sauce
  Soy Sauce
  Mini tortillas (we bought the organic uncooked flour tortillas)
  Dijon or Honey Mustard
  1 can of chipotle peppers in adobo sauce

***Note: For spices, sauces, etc. that is not on the above list, you may need to add for your shopping:
 salt, pepper, olive oil, sriracha or tapatio, garlic powder, minced garlic, cayenne pepper, chili powder.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Grilled Balsamic Chicken and Roasted Brussell Sprouts

Anyone ever have a week that seems to go on and on and on??... Oh, me either!

Last night I made a meal that made me excited to cook. Why you ask?   Because it was the easiest thing in the world and it was so delicious, I'm excited for leftovers tonight! So I hope and wish you add this to your dinner menu. Brussels Sprouts offer so many health benefits AND taste delicious, why wouldn't you right?  

I know this might be a little difficult to get the kiddos to eat. Let's face it, toddlers and vegetables aren't exactly best buds. The trick is to find a fun presentation or sneak them into some of their favorite dishes. This can maybe eventually get them to like vegetables or at least try a couple vitamin filled bites :).

Roasted Brussels Sprouts


1 lb Brussels Sprouts
1/4 cup chopped red onion
oil and vinegar dressing


Preheat the oven to 400ºF.
Cut the brussels sprouts in halves. 
In a large bowl, drizzle the halved Brussels sprouts with 2 tablespoons olive oil, tossing to coat.
Pour them onto a sheet pan and season them with salt (lightly) and freshly cracked black pepper.
Roast the Brussels sprouts for 30-40 minutes. (check on them at 30- they might finish sooner)
While they're roasting, sauté the chopped onion in a large non-stick pan with 1/2 tablespoon of olive. Set aside.
Remove the roasted Brussels sprouts from the oven and saute together the onions and brussels sprouts with 1 tablespoon of oil and vinegar dressing for 2- 3 minutes until mixed thoroughly. Add italian seasoning over top if desired.

Grilled Chicken


1 lb chicken breast
oil and vinegar dressing
italian seasoning


Preheat your Grill on high.

Drizzle chicken with oil and vinegar dressing, just enough to cover the chicken. 

Sprinkle the chicken with italian seasoning mix. If you so desire, you should also add some red pepper flakes to gives it a nice kick.

Place on the grill for about 8 minutes each side (depending on the thickness of your chicken).

I love the simplicity of this meal because the dressing and the chicken mix together so well, definitely going to do this again!!  I'm going to go enjoy my leftovers now.

Better be seein' your faces at boot camp this week :)

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Meal Planning with a side of Fantasy Football

Hey Y'all.... I am actually into football this today for the first time this season because my Fantasy Football team is actually winning.... Whoa. So I am planning my meals for the week and watching my points increase..... This is fun!!  Here are our dinners for the week:

Monday:  Spaghetti Squash Bowls
Tuesday:  Grilled Chicken with Roasted Brussel Sprouts
Wednesday:  Spicy Ground Beef Chili
Thursday:  Chicken Rolls stuffed with Pepperjack, Garlic and Onions

Our Grocery List:

  Feta Cheese

Meat & Fish
  2 lbs boneless, skinless Chicken breast
  16 oz Ground turkey
  1 lb grass fed ground beef

Fruits & Vegetables  
  1 Green bell pepper
  1 Red Pepper
  3 Jalapeños
  2 Red Onions
  2 spaghetti squash
  2 tomatoes
  2 sweet potatoes
  1 bundle of brussel sprouts

  1 15 oz. can organic chili beans
  1 6 oz can tomato sauce  
  Fresh Basil
  Minced Garlic

***Note: For spices, sauces, etc. that is not on the above list, you may need to add for your shopping:
 salt, pepper, garlic powder, cayenne pepper, chili powder, olive oil.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Breakfast for Days

Mixed Berry and Banana Baked Oatmeal

What I like about this recipe is you can make this Sunday night and have breakfast ready for you all through the week. Just reheat each serving in the microwave every morning. You can feel good about it, too. The ingredients are healthy, it’s a warm, comforting meal, and a serving is about 200 calories give or take a few depending on what fruit you use. Remember.... don't ever skip breakfast. Having breakfast is the first step to a successful day! I hope you enjoy!!


1 cup old-fashioned rolled oats
1/4 cup chopped walnuts, divided
1/2 tsp. baking powder
3/4 tsp. ground cinnamon
Pinch of salt
2 tablespoons honey
1 cup milk (I used skim)
1 large egg, lightly beaten
2 tbsp. unsalted butter, melted and cooled slightly
1 tsp. vanilla extract
2-3 ripe bananas, peeled and sliced
1 cup blueberries or raspberries, fresh or frozen, divided

1. Preheat the oven to 375F.
2. Lightly grease a 2-quart baking dish. In a medium bowl, mix the oats, half of the walnuts, baking powder, cinnamon, and salt. Stir to combine. In a liquid measuring cup, combine the honey, milk, egg, butter, and vanilla.
3. Spread the sliced bananas in a single layer over the bottom of the baking dish. Top with half of the berries. Sprinkle the dry oat mixture over the fruit in an even layer. Pour the liquid ingredients evenly over the oats.
4. Sprinkle the remaining nuts and berries over the top. Bake for 35-40 minutes, until the top is browned and the oats have set.  I also drizzled a little more honey over top :)
 Let cool 5 minutes before serving.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Stuffed Sweet Peppers

So I got a random request for dinner from the man of the house.

Me:  "Yo... what do you want for dinner tonight since I was slacking and didn't plan the menu?"

MOH: " Umm... let's try some stuffed sweet peppers"

Me: "Random....Challenge accepted"

Here goes nothin'...

Prep time about 10 mins
Cook time: 50 mins
Feeds 3 or..... 1 me and 1 Jeff :)


3 Sweet pepper ( I had 2 orange and 1 yellow)
1/2 lb ground turkey
1/4 cup chopped red onion
1 chopped jalapeno
1/4 cup black bean
1 tsp mustard
1 tsp Worchestire sauce
salt and pepper to taste
Tapatio and Feta cheese- if desired for topping


Step One:  Preheat your Oven to 375.  Mix all ingredients in a large mixing bowl. This is NOT my favorite part but its worth it!  Make sure you mix this really good so each pepper gets the combination of flavors.

Step Two:  When all is mixed, stuff those peppers with the turkey meat mixture. It should turn out to be about a handful, depending on the size of the pepper... or hand :)

Step three:  Cover a cookie sheet with tin foil and place your stuffed peppers on the cookie sheet.  Cook at 375 for about 50 mins.  Keep an eye on them after about 40 minutes.

They turned out super good and juicy. Loved these... Although, next time I think I'll work on my presentation :)

Grilled Chicken with Vegetable Hash

Hey Everyone- Its been a fun filled week!!! We opened our new location this week... and with great success!  Thank you to all the new members who have joined us and giving it your all.

So, with that and all of the normal weekly madness.... I forgot I didn't even plan dinners... Crazy! I like to be prepared... Grrrrr!  However, I put together a last minute meal that turned out DELICIOUS!  I highly recommend this tasty dinner.......

                                                Grilled Chicken and Vegetable Hash

Feeds 3
Prep and Cook Time: about 20-30 minutes

Hash Ingredients:
1 small yam
1/4 cup chopped red onion
1 jalapeno
1 1/2 cup chopped broccoli
1 small zucchini
1/4 cup chopped green apple
2 tablespoons Extra Virgin olive oil
1 tablespoon minced garlic
Cayenne pepper to taste
cajun seasoning to taste

Chicken and Marinade:
1 tablespoon Hoisin Sauce
1 tsp low sodium soy sauce
1 tablespoon Siracha
2 skinless chicken breast


Step One: In a large skillet, heat 2 olive oil and minced garlic. Add the yams and saute until softened (you should be able to bite into one easily).

Step Two: When the yams are softened (but not quite down), toss in the rest of your veggies. Season the whole dish with cayenne pepper and cajun seasoning to taste. Saute for 3- 5 minutes, until your broccoli is bright green.

Step Three:  For the last couple minutes, toss in your chopped green apples and stir generously.

Notes for the grilled Chicken:

I marinaded my chicken overnight, by accident (or laziness)! I was supposed to cook it for dinner the night before but changed my mind :) So it had sometime to soak up the flavors of the marinade. It was sooooo good! I highly recommend letting it marinade as long as you can.

Place on your grill for about 10 minutes each side (depending on the thickness of the breast)... and Voila!  Tasty and very healthy family dinner....

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Protein Shake Yummy Goodness

Well to start off.... Tonight I had a yummy recipe I have shared with you before... Spaghetti Squash Bowl, but I had it with honey mustard chicken instead and it was uh-MAZING!  Sorry.... I needed to shout that for a second because it was unexpected. It was a last minute decision for me since the boys decided to have Pizza for dinner in honor of Football. I choose not to participate in the menu of football... well at least tonight! :)  Anyways, here was my messy masterpiece. Sorry... I couldn't even wait to take a bite before I took a picture... 2 boot camps today for heaven's sake, WHEW!

So, to get to the point of my post tonight, I wanted to share a favorite protein shake of mine I tend to have for any meal really.  Most of the time, its my go-to for right after workout in the morning, when my metabolism is working its hardest and I'm recovering from the beating we usually receive at boot camp :)  Anyways, this is a perfect breakfast for someone in a hurry in the morning and still gives you everything your body needs to get your day started right. After all, your day is never right without breakfast.... DON'T EVER skip breakfast!

3- 4 large ice cubes
6 oz Green Tea
1 scoop of all natural chocolate protein (Whey, soy, veggie, or nut... which ever you prefer)
1 tablespoon organic peanut butter
1/4 cup frozen mixed berries
1/3 banana

Put all ingredients in your blender. I Highly recommend getting something like the Magic Bullet. It makes life easier and you don't have a whole lot of clean-up... right up my alley. Blend for about 45 seconds and... Voila! Healthy Heaven in a cup.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Honey Mustard Chicken and Sweet Potato Wedges

Well, Hello there.... it's been a little while since I shared my dinner recipes. It has been crazy busy week with lots of good and bad news but I am excited for what is to come! This is going to be a busy next month and I can't wait to see what it brings.

Here's what we had for dinner:

Honey Mustard Chicken and Sweet Potato Wedges


  • tablespoon honey
  • 1 1/2 tablespoons spicy brown mustard or regular mustard
  • lime, 1/2 juiced and 1/2 cut into wedges
  • 3 skinless chicken breasts
  • 2 sweet potatoes (about 12 ounces)
  • tablespoon extra-virgin olive oil
  • Salt and pepper
  • tablespoon chives


  1. In a resealable plastic bag, combine the honey, mustard, and lime juice. Add the chicken and let marinate at room temperature for 20 minutes.
  2. Meanwhile, in a large saucepan, combine the sweet potatoes and enough salted water to cover; bring to a boil. Cook the potatoes for 20 minutes, then drain and let cool slightly. Slice the potatoes lengthwise into 1-inch wedges. Transfer to a bowl and gently toss with the olive oil; season with salt and pepper.
  3. Preheat a grill to medium-high. Add the chicken and potatoes, cover the grill and cook for 10 minutes on each side or at least until those pretty grill marks appear on your wedges.
  4. Serve the chicken with the lime wedges and potatoes. Sprinkle the chives over the potatoes.
And.... you knooow I added fresh chopped jalapenos to my chicken!! Enjoy this easy recipe!