Sunday, August 12, 2012

Grocery List for the Week

Hey Guys and Gals,
 I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend! We had a peaceful weekend indoors away from the miserable heat, which gave us plenty of time to plan our dinner menu for the week. Check it out!

Monday:   Grilled Spicy Lime Chicken with roasted vegetables
Tuesday: Wild Caught Salmon over Asian Quinoa
Wednesday: Our Favorite Black Bean Turkey Burgers with Sweet Potato Fries
Thursday to Sunday we will be in California!!!  Finally, a vacation that is much needed! Should I pack my running shoes??

My Shopping List:

  Feta cheese

Meat & Fish
  Chicken breast 1 lb
  Ground turkey 1 lb
  Salmon fillets  1 lb

Fruits & Veget.
  1 bundle Asparagus
  1 Broccoli crown
  1 Green bell pepper
  2 Jalapeños
  Lettuce wraps  (Romaine lettuce or whichever you prefer)
  1 Red Onions
  1 Sweet potatoes
  1 Yellow bell pepper
  1 lemon

Frozen Food
  1 small bag Vegetable medley

1 12 oz. can Black beans

***Note: For spices, sauces, etc. that is not on the above list, you may need to add for your shopping:
 lime juice, salt, pepper, coconut oil, cajun seasoning.

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