Saturday, August 4, 2012

Preparation is key. Prepare with us!

Hey Team[FIT]ers!!  We are excited to introduce this blog that is going to be part of our program now. Cooking with Team[FIT] is going to be all about cooking healthy, tasty dinners and planning for it! A lot of people have shown interest in our recipes we make at home and we really want to share them with the members. Here, we are going to post all of our recipes, dinner menus, favorite snacks, treats, protein shakes and ALL!

Along with that we will be sharing our dinner menus for the week. These menus will include simple and quick recipes for everyone to enjoy at home. We understand the time crunch and hectic schedules everyone deals with on a daily basis. We deal with it ourselves and don't want to spend our whole night in the kitchen preparing, cooking, and cleaning every night. Our recipes are doable for everyone!

 So check us out daily, subscribe to the blog to get your daily recipe posts and updates. We hope this helps everyone prepare for healthy eating at home.

Remember, preparation is key to success. Failing to prepare is preparing the fail.  Don't give your self the option.

Have a Fabulous weekend!!!

In the meantime... pick up some of these healthy substitutes to cut out types of fats, sugars, and calories your body does not need or want.

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