Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Are you taking Supplements?

If you are a Team[FIT] Member reading this, you know....Many of the workouts we do in our Program require maximum effort leaving all of us drained, beaten and battered. Because of this, supplementation is a must if you are to take your performance and recovery seriously.
The faster and more effectively you recuperate and recover from these brutal sessions, the better chance you have of taking your training to the next level. Of course nothing beats a proper diet regarding your goals, but certain supplements can give you that slight edge.
I have stressed over and over in class how important basic supplementation is to your health and overall performance with your workouts and reaching your goals!! Now it's time to take some action and implement these into your diets...if you have not already!
Below is a list of some of the most effective supplements to support your journey to that next level.

Take these with your meals- 3 times a day
Of course as a precautionary measure getting in a good multi-vitamin/mineral can give you that “insurance” you may need during particularly intense phases of training. With these training conditions a multivitamin/mineral is essential in replenishing your body of vital micronutrients so it can function properly and increase performance on a daily basis and correct any deficiencies from skipped meals, stress and other abnormal occurrences that take you away from your regular schedule of meals.
Take with your meals- 3 times a day
This is a blend of "smart fats" that contains important essential fatty acids, which may be depleted in the diets of many athletes and people who regularly exercise.  Taking Smart Blend regularly ensures a complete mixture of essential fatty acids such as omega-3, omega-6, EPA, DHA, CLA and GLA. Smart Blend provides optimal support for reducing body fat, increasing muscle tissue recovery and balancing testosterone and insulin production.

Take directly after workout (if you don't have protein) OR 3 times a day 
Branched Chain Amino Acids are essentialmeaning that they must be consumed through the diet, since the human body cannot make them from other compounds. BCAAs provide active adults with support for training endurance and recovery. Used with protein powders and /or protein-rich foods, these capsules help support muscle recovery and protein synthesis.

My recommendation! I LOVE the Dutch Chocolate Flavor. AWESOME brand.

This fast acting protein supplement is a staple in any serious fitness enthusiast’s list of must-haves. Designed to digest quickly to help muscle recover, whey also includes a complete amino acid profile making it a perfect pre and post-training support supplement. Recent research also suggests that it may slightly blunt hunger for those looking to use it as a weight loss aid.

When you need it: Mainly used as a pre and post-workout (20-30 grams) supplement to support training recovery, you can easily insert whey anywhere into the diet. It is great for those rushing out the door in the morning (20 to 30 grams) not only for convenience but also to blunt cortisol levels after waking.

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